Important announcement
October 1, 2014

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Implix and the 16th anniversary of GetResponse — over one-and-a-half decades. We’re proud of the business we’ve built and even prouder of our awesome customers and our amazing team. You made it all possible.

Today I have a major announcement, but first I’d like to go back in time to discuss what made this company what it is.

In 1999 when GetResponse was in its infancy, I felt the need for a platform where I could grow GetResponse and develop other ideas. Thus Implix was born, a place where we could build products to solve our own challenges. We had many challenges, so that led to many products.

We believed that other businesses could use these products, so we later brought them to market, each with its own brand. We launched an ad tracking service (HyperTracker), a website-building service WebsiteWizard), an expiring-domain-name finder (BizMint), an e-book creator (eBookGold), a web-conferencing platform (ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar) and others.

But in managing so many brands, we were self-limiting the resources available for developing and promoting our biggest ideas.

And there’s one brand we neglected — the Implix brand. So today we get questions like, “What’s Implix?” or “What do you guys do?” or “How did you come up with the name Implix?” When we explain that GetResponse is our flagship product, we find that most people know GetResponse or at least have heard of it.

GetResponse is indeed our biggest and best product. Last month alone we added 48,708 new customers. Our growth has been staggering. And it is our best-known brand. Today, 16 years after the launch of GetResponse, we are more passionate than ever about GetResponse.

In fact, we are all about GetResponse.

This brings me back to today’s announcement.

Effective today, our company name changes from Implix to GetResponse.

The symbolic name change marks a change in our philosophy. It signals that, from now on, we will focus exclusively on GetResponse, investing 100% of our energy in making GetResponse bigger, better and more successful.

As we say goodbye to the Implix name and hello (again) to the GetResponse name, we pause to thank you for being part of our journey — past, present, and future. Our first decade-and-a-half has been outstanding, and the next 15 years will be even better.

Welcome to the future — with GetResponse!


Simon Grabowski

Questions & answers:

What about ClickMeeting?We love ClickMeeting. It’s an amazing product and one we won’t abandon. At first, ClickMeeting was a hobby of ours. But now with 8,000 customers and double-digit growth per month, it’s a solid business on its own. For the time being, ClickMeeting will continue as a brand under the GetResponse company. Down the road, we may spin it off as a separate company.

What about other Implix products (HyperTracker, WebsiteWizard, etc.)?We’re proud of these products and proud of the people who helped develop them. We plan to keep them in maintenance mode but do not intend to devote resources to continue developing them. Our main focus is GetResponse.

Are you downsizing the company?Not at all! To the contrary, we’ve hired 97 new people this year, and we still have 21 positions open with 221 employees in total.

How are partners, vendors, affiliates, and employees affected by the change?Only the name has changed. We are still the same company and the same people. All contracts and business relationships formed under the Implix name carry over to GetResponse. So if you invoiced Implix sp. z o.o. in the past, now you’ll invoice GetResponse sp. z o.o. If your payments came from Implix in the past, now they’ll come from GetResponse.

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