Implix and its flagship email marketing product, GetResponse, were introduced to the world in 1999 by Internet Marketing pioneer and entrepreneur, Simon Grabowski. His vision of helping SOHO and small business marketers around the globe improve marketing efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability continues to define the company.

Today, Implix maintains worldwide operations, with offices in the U.S., Poland and Canada, and offers a wide range of online solutions including Website building, video conferencing and streaming rich media.

The Implix Culture - Our 10 Core Values

We pride ourselves to have followed those core values, which we have created:

  1. Provide 5-star service for all customers.
  2. Bring excitement and energy.
  3. Create excellent products, then raise the bar.
  4. Communicate with honesty and integrity.
  5. Be eager to learn and share knowledge.
  6. Evolve, adapt, and welcome change.
  7. Nurture a positive team spirit.
  8. Have fun and play!
  9. Be creative and open-minded.
  10. Be humble.

Our mission...

is to be the premier provider of affordable, feature-rich, self-service solutions that help small and medium businesses around the globe improve efficiency, reduce costs & increase profitability.

Simon Grabowski


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